The Hendon Advantage


You should choose Hendon College for a lot of reasons.

You should choose Hendon College because we have the right teachers. Teachers are the ones impacting knowledge into your children. When the teachers are very good, it directly translates to a better performance by your child both in academics and morals. At Hendon College, our teachers are people who  have ample years of experience working in the educational sector and people who not just have academic intelligence but possess emotional intelligence as well. The hiring process, was stringent with different tests and interviews that ensures they have the skills and necessary knowledge required for our management to trust them enough to let them teach your child. They are the best of the best and have experience working with schools like Loyola Jesuit, Lead British, BNA and others.


You should choose Hendon College because our IT department is superior. At Hendon College, we are aware of the current state of technology and how disruptive it has been in recent years. We are preparing our students to lead the pack in the years to come. We teach the students how to code websites, mobile apps, and anything they happen to develop interest in. Our IT team consists of people who have experience developing and deploying apps to both Google Play Store and Apple iOS store. They have vast knowledge of networking and computer hardware systems. We go way beyond the national IT curriculum to point the students in the right direction. Our students learn to program artificial intelligence (AI) in python with Tensorflow, Native and Cross-platform development, Game programming with Unity / Unreal / Javascript. We don’t give the students anything too advanced, but we give them enough to give them basic understanding of IT, we make them familiar with it, and we tell them how IT can help them in any discipline of their choice and how it can make them excel if in their future studies. We do all this as part of what we call our STEAM offering.

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You should choose Hendon College because we care about the emotional well-being of your child. At Hendon College, we offer counseling services to your child to ensure that they are able to understand the changes they would experience in their life as teenagers. We know that being in a good emotional state is beneficial to them in all aspects and our psychologist and staff help us ensure they are in that state.


You should choose Hendon College because we are a full-boarding school. Children get distracted easily, one show or one game on playstation can be the thing that makes them not perform at their highest potential. This is why at Hendon, we operate a full-boarding school to ensure we are able to monitor your children round the clock to ensure we eliminate all distractions and understand your child and give them all they require to get the best out of them. It also means that if you don’t live in Abuja, you can still give your child the opportunity to learn in our top-notch learning environment because we offer airport pickup and drop-offs for your children. You can easily have your child join us from wherever you live.